The things that make me different are the things that make me!

Inspiration on high levels ;)

Places I want to go to (in general - there's a lot more specific places than showing on this map, like different cities and stuff). I hope I can go on a trip like this next summer.. Going by rails.. How awesome wouldn't that be. As I said, I'm very inspired at the moment. But I have a feeling I might be a bit to inspired, I mean I really want to go to these places, but not alone.. So we'll see.. If I find a travelling companion who wants to see all the different things I want to then this might become reality. We'll see ;) Keep my fingers crossed ^^

I don't want to go abroad just to get to a warmer country, I want to see things, explore things, things I've never seen before, I want to be suprised and wowed :) I don't want to lay on a beach all week long and get a tan by beeing to much in the pool. I want to have a pack on my back and I want to see things, go around. Travelling to diffrent cities whenever I feel like it, jumping on a train to somewhere, just go with it.. 

It is and has been a dream for a long while, I thought about it last summer to (or before last summer) but then I never got around to do it, was to busy and didn't have the money or quite the inspiration as I do now. But people around me inspire me, for ex my stepbrother travels alot and I get a bit jealous because I know I want to be like that. Just hop on a plane or a train or something else and go with it. Why cantä I do that? And a friend of mine also went by train in europe (alot of inspiration there).. So why shouldn't I?

Anyone feeling up for a month travelling by train in europe let me know ;) haha



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